05 Jul


So there’s a new festival in town. The inaugural NotLost festival started on Friday, 1st July, with a rather Hemingway-esque tagline.

We are not lost. We are in Nottingham. This is our island.

See what I mean? Anyway, in case it’s passed you by, NotLost is an independent 3-week arts festival based in Nottingham. It will bring together a huge number of different artist-led creative groups currently working in Nottingham, combining visual contemporary art practice alongside modern theatre, independent music and cutting edge design – not to mention poetry and film. There are over 20 independently-curated events covering a range of challenging and innovative work of both emerging and mid-career creative professionals based within the local community. NotLost aims to both celebrate and support the city’s creative independent arts scene.

More info at NotLost website.

via Creative Nottingham.


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